Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm addicted

I want to work out morning, noon and night if time would allow me. I'm currently working out in the a.m. but if I can figure out how to get away for lunch during my busy schedule and get a good cardio routine in before going to bed, I think my fitness appetite would be satisfied. At least I hope. As Val mentioned in a previous post, we are running a mile nonstop, plus stadium steps. We are currently working on running a mile and half nonstop. Yes, it may sound like baby steps to some but this is a big accomplishment within itself. Eventually I want to go to the next level and get in 2 miles nonstop and eventually making it a 3 mile run every other day. It seems as if the more I put in the more I want to do. I almost feel like some type of lean mean running machine. Bottom line is I'm excited with how I feel and the results I'm seeing.

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