Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Getting fit ain't cheap!

Ok, so things are going pretty well on the fitness line. I'm improving in all the area I'm working on. However, I conned myself into believing this health kick would be cheaper than eating out all the time.
Good lord, eating healthy takes some dough AND a lot of time at the grocery store.
Of course, the expenses multiply greatly if you choose to take supplements, which I am. Dang it, I should just go visit Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds and get the good stuff. A little HGH should help down those TV folks!
So, spending about $150-200 on supplements per month isn't out of the question. I really have to relay on Supermann to help me pick and choose what I REALLY need. But for this two-month competition, I'm going all-out.
Fresh fruit, natural foods and "fat free" things are generally expensive. Throw in fresh fish and it gets pricy.
Of course, I also spent money on an exercise mat and push up bars, two blenders -- one for just the protein shakes and a fancy-shmancy one for veggies and stuff.
That being said. I have to thank Robert "Supermann" Blount for taking the time to train all of us for free! That's incredible.
The other menacing thing is going to the store ALL THE TIME. Dang, you can't just go buy 20 boxes of hot pockets, pasta and frozen pizza. This fresh thing make trips a weekly deal!
This has truly been a lifestyle change -- and not just regarding what goes in my shrinking stomach!
TV hacks, you're goin down!!

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